Since I work mainly digitally now (You do comics work, Russ?)  HA!  Funny…  Anyway, I don’t have a lot to post on the Twitters like artists are doing, with an ‘ink’ a day in October, for “Inktober.”  I could do digital inks, I suppose, but I don’t think that’s in the spirit of the event.  Where did all these comics-related challenges and days come from?

But here’s something I did actually while working at the library, for an event:  A creepy librarian!  He’s basically a riff on the old EC comics hosts, like the Old Witch, and the Crypt Keeper.  There are more, but I’m not even sure the witch is actually called that.

Done in (checks the image)  Ah, yes.  2013.  Inked with felt-tip office pens, sharpies, and one of those big, black Marks-A-Lot pens, if I recall.  I scanned it right away, so I’m not sure where the original is.

Should I post even more hoary ink pictures from the past for Inktober?  Please let me know!