Happy St. Patty’s day!  More stuff coming… I’m gathering up steam again.  This is the last of the ‘way it happened in the comics’ strips.


How do you get this comic? Glad you asked!

Look what I found! And yes, bought.  See below for the single issue. Please, please, please support the real creators of this content!  And hopefully somehow the creators involved get some sort of payment as well – or at least wider recognition and good karma!
You can also probably buy a copy of this from your local comics shop, like I did – and I paid less, too. And while the single issue resale doesn’t actually pay Marvel, they still deserve ALL of the credit.

Full disclosure… I set up these links to Amazon on my old website. As an ‘affiliate’ I get like .003 cents every time someone clicks the link. If you’re not buying it, you don’t need to click it!