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Also, every one of these What If/Captain America scans will have the following link. If you know of any e-book versions, please let me know – I will buy it, and post the link here.  So far everything I can find only goes up to What If? #32.

Look what I found! And yes, bought. See below for the single issue.
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Why I am Doing This

I think all comics people can list the titles that had an impact on their life.  While I’d been casually collecting comics for a while by the time this came out, this was the first comic that seeped into my brain as being about something.  Though I actually didn’t know it at the time.

Cut back to 1990 or 91, and the Gulf War.  I was a summer camp counselor, on the Resource Team at Kamp Kaleo, a church camp in Burwell, Nebraska (Kampers, represent!).  At one of our evening vespers, the minister delivered a story – not quite a sermon, but the same sort of thing:  A religious authority delivering a message.  I don’t remember anything but his first name, which was John.  That’s probably a good thing for him.  I heard he went over to Iraq as a military chaplain later that year.  I hope that worked out well, as well.

The message he delivered will sound familiar to those familiar with President Trump’s speeches and tweets.  And yes, I’m paraphrasing – it was over 30 years ago:

America should be great, as long as we keep out all the bad guys.  And gosh darn it, we’ll make sure to take steps to make sure those bad guys – or people who are different and worship differently from us – are punished and driven from the face of this Earth.  Because we’re America.  And we’re the Good Guys, because we’re America.

I think you get the gist.  Later, I commented to my fellow team members in private, “Poor John.  His worldview has been outdone by a comic book.”  Ladies and gentlemen, that comic is What If? #44.  In other words, what I’m sharing with you now.  As the story will show, America is great exactly because of the differences among us.  Anyone trying to say different, like in Trump’s recent Muslim Ban, really misses the whole point.  But don’t take my word for it.  I’ll let Cap take it from here.

And, like former Marvel editor Danny Fingeroth used to say…

Perseverance furthers.