I’ve always been a fan of keeping that title.  But a subtitle could be…

Everything I need to know about politics I learned from Opus the Penguin

Thanks to everyone AGAIN for all the Birthday wishes!  It’s incredible to realize how many friends you have.

Yes, a webcomic, one that could wander anywhere.  What, did you think, that after my Facebook post I was going away?  Nope – just movin’ mah spewins’ (Well, comics mostly) to my “Safe Space” on the web.  After all, I don’t really have to worry about a safe space in real life… best to worry about it where it makes sense.  And as my friend, you get to see this site from the beginning, warts and all.  I promise it will get purdier.  🙂

I’m going to try really hard to follow the example of Berkeley Breathed.  I found Bloom County at the age of 15 (I think), on a trip north to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota with a church group. The problem is, each time I think Breathed’s done, he starts up again.  He’s sort of a comics George Lucas.  I think I’ve bought some of his comics 5 times over, in different editions.

To put it succinctly:  I really am Opus, with all of his insecurities and embarrassing secrets.

I just spent my whole birthday binge-reading through the ‘new old’ Bloom County that starts here.  Some recent ones you can only find by following him on Facebook, until they show up a week later on Go Comics.  And until I really get up and running, just consider him my proxy.  He called this whole situation about a year before it happened, in all its surreal glory (or horror).

Let’s just say that Opus’s confusion only echos my own.  That’s all you need to start.  The world’s gonna need a lot more dandelion breaks.  I hope to provide some here.

As always, thanks for reading.