Okay, I think Saturdays are officially going to be known as WABAC Machine Weekends.  Or was that name taken?

Yes, I’ve not even been doing this a week, and I’m already posting “something from the archives.”  Content is king!

So here’s a 2013 review I did of the THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION: A ROUND TABLE COMIC over on No Flying, No Tights.  Don’t worry, it’s sufficiently Russ-rant long.  I’ll wait.  🙂

Of course, now I have it on my Kindle, so the Constitution is literally with me anywhere I go.

It’s actually with you too, just like it was with Khizr Khan when he spoke before the Democratic Convention.  Yours just might not have the cool pictures.  (PbBbBbBbTtTTT!)

I’m now going to have visions of a steampunk robot as my Veep.  Or is it too soon to hope?

Perseverance furthers,